Thursday, 16 September 2010

She's back!

Hello, hello, we finally meet again!
It’s been four months since I last blogged and for that, I am sorry.
But I am back, hell yeah. And in the words of the band Take That (have you heard of them?) I am back for good.

I’ve changed the blog template (was a bit bored of the other one) and I have added a few new pages (oh yeah call me a technological queen).
Over the coming days I’m going to fill the pages with more info about myself, including both personal and work related stuff.
I’m also going to branch out and do reviews on a number of subjects, such as beauty, fashion, restaurants etc.
So if there is anything you’d like me to test please get in touch!

It’s been a busy few months in the land of Naiomi.

Andy and I have booked the majority of suppliers for the wedding of the year (well, next year).

Tatton Hall (host to Roy and Hayley's wedding in Coronation Street!)
 Planning the big day, which takes places at Tatton Hall in Cheshire in July, has been sooooooo much fun but also quite a lot hard work.

Those of you who are married will know exactly what I’m talking about. Those of you who haven’t will someday know exactly what I’m talking about!

Even though the wedding is months away, a bride-to-be can find themselves stressing at the smallest of things.
In my case, it is the favours!

I mean, bloody hell, who would have thought something as simple as favours would interrupt a person’s sleep?! I honestly do not know why. Does anyone else get bothered by small, unimportant things?!
Anyway, forget trailing around venues, whittling down millions of DJs, choosing the right caterers etc, the favours are and will be (until we decide what to have) the bane of my life!

Ok, so what next shall I tell you?
Oh yes, after nearly three years on the Welwyn Hatfield Times and Potters Bar Edition I am off!!!!

On September 27, I start my new job with online media business Gorkana.
The company provides a range of products and services to PRs and journalists to help them communicate with each other more effectively.

They have around 150,000 journalists signed up to their huge database so I may have one of the best contact books in the business!
While I’ll be concentrating on my job at Gorkana (I can't wait to start and learn new things!), I will also carry on with freelance magazine journalism, woo!
Did I tell you my new job is based in Covent Garden in London?! Woo hoo, bring it on!!

Right, I’ll leave it there for today.

Until next time… xxx