Monday, 11 July 2011

Becoming Mrs Smith!

The Smith wedding!
SO we meet again :-)

I'm sure everyone in the universe knows by now but I thought i'd share my news anyway...I have become a MRS!!
Yes I married the man of my dreams and have taken on the rather unoriginal surname of Smith.
I have already experienced the 'are you really Mr and Mrs Smith or is she your mistress' looks while checking into a hotel in Paris for our minimoon! I think I am going to love playing the mistress...

Our big day occurred on July 2 at the magnificent venue of Tatton Hall in Cheshire.
The day was the most amazing I have experienced so far in my life (I like to think there are still good times ahead :-)).

Everyone who knows me knows I am ALWAYS late for everything so my wedding day was no exception. I arrived 35 minutes late! Luckily my other half wasn't too worried about me leaving him at the altar as he knows me so well!
The ceremony was beautiful.
Very intimate, romantic, nerve-wracking and overwhelming.
The harpist was superb.

The Ceremony

Afterwards we had our drinks reception in the stunning grounds of Tatton Hall while listening to the sounds of the steel band in the background and sipping on champagne in the sunny picturesque setting.

We then had a three-course wedding breakfast of which I literally ate zero of as my dress was so tight!
Both Andy and I gave a speech.
Mine was off the cuff and very, err, interesting!
Andy's was amazing. He said the nicest things about me, our families, bridesmaids and guests.
A true gentleman and really one of a kind :-)

After our first dance to Al Green's Let's Stay Together, we danced the whole night to our favourite songs (obviously the Jimmy Choos were tossed aside!). The 5ive megamix was one of my favourite parts of the night - brilliant!

Before we knew it it was midnight and time for Andy and I to go back to the hotel, take in the whole day and drink our mega expensive champagne!

Nine days later, I am only just feeling recovered!

Nobody warned me beforehand how hectic your own wedding can be and how every single person would want to spend time with you, leaving you and your husband separated more than you are used too.
I would definitely recommend, to all brides-to-be, to make sure you snatch a few minutes with each other at various intervals throughout the day to take things in.
Andy and I did this and those moments were so precious.

I had an AMAZING wedding day.
Go Team Smith!!