Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Coca-Cola launches receipe book

Nowadays cooking and entertaining is something of a phenomenon.
With shows like Come Dine With Me, Masterchef and Saturday Kitchen becoming increasingly more popular it has become more cool than ever before to learn how to cook.

For those of us who aren’t yet culinary experts (naming no names) a cook book, released this month by Coca-Cola, YES  the manufacturer of Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke and the like (who would've thought they published books and knew anything other than what makes a nice soft drink?!), could be right up your street. 

When You Entertain, edited by Tiffany Darke, editor of the Sunday Times Style magazine, is a modern twist on the original 1932 recipe book by Ida Bailey Allen. 

The limited edition cookery book features recipes from four food celebrities: Michelin star chef Tom Aikens, Celebrity Masterchef Winner 2008 and former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, organic farmer and former Blur member Alex James, and food writer Julia Parsons.

Each foodie has picked 10 recipes brings back memories of family mealtimes and other special (food) occasions for them.
Some but not all of the simple and easy to follow recipes have Coke integrated into the ingredients.
Examples I tried were Alex's Coca-Cola Chicken Salad with Garden Potatoes, and Julia Parsons' tasty Cherry Ice Cream Sundaes - surprisingly the Coke didn't taste out of place in any of the dishes.
Plus it was great making these receipes as I always had a nice refreshing glass of Coke to wash down when I was thirsty (not good for my wedding diet plan!). 

There is quite a variety of mouth-watering recipes in the book, with each dish being divided into four sections: Saturday Nights with Friends, Family Meal Times, Weekend Lunch & Brunch and Easy Lunch. 

"When You Entertain offers ideas from food-linked personalities for entertaining family or friends, while celebrating a long-standing heritage and association of Coca-Cola enjoyed at meal times,” said a Coca-Cola spokeswoman.
"The book has delicious recipes that will excite your taste buds,"

Overall, none of the recipes in the book are too difficult to master which makes them perfect for those of us with busy lives and who wouldn’t class themselves as a talented cook. 
For those people out there who are talented cooks, I reckon your expertise would be wasted on this book! 
When You Entertain is available to buy now exclusively at Harvey Nichols.  

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  1. Truly a book which will be cherished for a long time, amazing chefs with their ultimate collection of recipes.