Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Air Hogs, Paper Jamz, Lite Sprites and more - Christmas gifts for your little helpers!

Christmas 2011's season of goodwill is nearly upon us, so I have decided to do the hard work for you and feature my favourite children’s gifts currently on the market - sent to me from a number of great PRs. Get some of these stocking fillers for your little treasures now and enjoy the rest of the run up to Christmas Day in relaxation and happiness - result!

Air Hogs Hyper Active 
The new Air Hogs Hyper Active Stunt is one of the fastest remote control cars around. It is capable of doing amazing stunts (well amazing for little boys), 360° spins and jumps, while always landing on its wheels!
Air Hogs Hyper Active Stunt costs £34.99 and is suitable for youngsters aged 8 and over.
Visit http://www.airhogs.com/ for more information.

Air Hogs Vectron Wave
Air Hogs Vectron Wave is the UFO you can control with the palm of your hand. Eliminate the need for a remote with this flyer, as the Vectron Wave uses altitude sensing technology and effortlessly glides over almost anything, using clever obstacle sensors to detect the proximity to the ground. When you’re done, dock it on the launch pad for easy charging.
Air Hogs Vectron Wave costs £24.99.
Visit http://www.airhogs.com/ for more information.

Bakugan Drago
Combine multiple Bakugan and traps to form one massive monster!
For the ultimate battle brawler, build a Dragonoid Colossus with 4 exclusive Bakugan Battle Gear and 1 Bakugan. Each piece fits together to make the most fierce Dragonoid yet and by dropping the final brawler into position, auto-transforms into the ultimate weapon!
Bakugan Drago costs £39.99 and is suitable for children aged 5 and above. Visit http://www.bakugan.com/ for more information.

Fab Effex
Fab Effex is a fabric youngsters can decorate clothes, shoes, hair bands or make rings and dolls clothes with.
The fabric can bend, shape, twist, wrap and stick to items to decorate and design.
It’s re-useable so youngsters can undo and re-make their decorations over and over again.
The Variety Pack offers lots of fabric sheets, pre-cut shapes and all the tools including moulds, key rings, a greetings card and finger rings to make and create. It costs £19.99 and is suitable for girls aged 6 and over. Visit http://www.fabeffex.com/ for more information.

Zoobles are colourful collectible toys which magically transform from tiny balls, into cute creatures when placed in their habitat.
When “petted” the Zoobles react by blinking their eyes, wagging their tails, wiggling their ears and more! There are now over 250 Zoobles to collect from every corner of the Zoobles Isle.
Each quirky character is named and numbered to ensure that keen collectors won’t miss out on any Zoobles.
The Mama and Zoobling Play set, which comes with exclusive twins and all the accessories, includes a highchair, nappy changing area, swing, slide, playpen and pushchair.
It costs £24.99 and is suitable for girls aged 5 and over.Visit http://www.zoobles.com/ for more information.

Pro Microphone from Paper Jamz Pro series
Pro Microphone has perfect pitch vocal-tuning technology and four other voice-enhancing effects to make you sound like a superstar.
Download MP3s to sing to - making it suitable for all musical tastes.
Available in three cool designs for girls and boys, Pro Microphone costs £34.99.
Visit http://www.paperjamzpro.com/ for more information.

Paper Jamz Pro Guitar
Pro Guitar, which features real chords, individual notes, a working ripstrip and a built-in accelerometer, plays like a true instrument.
Download MP3s to the guitar and play along to your favourite hits, switching between notes and chords in three different play modes.
Pro Guitar costs £44.99, and is suitable for youngsters aged 8 and over.
Visit http://www.paperjamzpro.com/ for more information.

Lite Sprites
Lite Sprites are a collection of interactive dolls which use and share colour and light to create a magical playtime for little girls.
There are five dolls available to buy.
The toys, recommended for ages 4 years old and over, cost from £14.99.
To occupy the dolls, why not buy your little one the Tree of Lite Play set where girls can hang the Sprites in the canopy and spin it for colourful lit-up display and sound. The play set costs £39.99. Visit http://www.litesprites.com/ for more information.

Light Strike
A bit like Laser Quest, Light Strike is a brilliant interactive shooting game - a dream present for young boys aged 8 years and above.
The fully customisable weapons come with interactive light and sound affects so youngsters can imagine being in the middle of combat while creating exciting ever-changing battle scenarios.
Youngsters can conquer individual challenges, play one-on-one or create the ultimate team battle with unlimited players.
Strikers start from £29.99 with accessories from £9.99.
Visit http://www.lightstrike.com/ for more information.


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